Women Support Units

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 Women Support Units



There is a need for organizations to bridge the gap which deters poor women from taking advantage of resources. It is essential, that if we are to reverse the damage done by gender based violence, and to build more inclusive, accountable and cohesive societies, underpinned by viable democratic institutions that poor women are empowered through economics and education. Poor women and their children continue to suffer from an imbalance of access to information, power, and resources. One of the most pertinent dimensions in the effort made towards empowering women is knowledge innovation, especially when it comes to poor women and their dealings with business and government. Women that reside in poor districts in Cairo lack the knowledge and legal support to exercise their rights and to claim available resources to the fullest and hence they continue to suffer from social disparities and gender based violence. Accordingly, the proposed project aims to address this problem by enabling women to access their rights and public services by establishing Women Support Units in the following three vulnerable districts within Cairo: Saida Zaianab, Khalifa, and Moquattam. The Women Support Units will be implemented by the Egyptian Association for Female Lawyers “EAFL”. The philosophy behind EAFL is that all aspects of our global community will benefit from people everywhere being accorded their full and equal human rights. However, women’s rights are lagging far behind other areas of human rights. Moreover, women leaders, especially in  developing Countries such as Egypt, often lack technical or substantive skills and don’t know where to turn for guidance so that they may help poor women in need. EAFL will establish Women Support Units (WSU) to train female leaders to assist impoverished women to utilize government granted social support funds for women and children. EAFL will create connections between central women leaders and legal professionals who would like to use their skills to further women’s rights to government assistance. EAFL will train female social workers and lawyers whose goal is to help make impoverished women better informed citizens and who are searching for a meaningful way to use their skills and experience to help make the world a better place. The primary way in which we will exercise these empowering connections is by helping poor women in fulfilling governmental requirements throughout the application process. This effective intervention will ultimately make poor women in the specified targeted districts more efficacious in tackling the knowledge barriers that prevent them from transforming their lives through economic empowerment and education.



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