Women in Egypt still suffer from discrimination and violence

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Rights of women

Women in Egypt still suffer from discrimination and violence. Many recommendations and reports call for the protection of women’s rights; however, the Egyptian government has so far fallen short of meeting the demands of the Egyptian women calling for their participation in public life.

So, the coalition calls for the following:

  • The State shall guarantee a woman’s right of holding public and senior management offices in the State and their appointment in judicial bodies and authorities without discrimination.
  • The state shall issue a law for creating independent commission for non-discrimination and equal opportunities.
  • The state shall amend existing laws to enhance women’s participation and representation in local councils and Parliament.

Rights of persons with disabilitie


People with disabilities face many obstacles that prevent them enjoying their rights in the Egyptian society. They suffer from discrimination as they do not enjoy the same opportunities as other people because of the lack of access to essential services.


So, the coalition calls for the following:

  • The state shall adopt a national program for empowering people with disabilities and making them enjoy their rights as other normal people.
  • To activate the role of the National Council on Disability
  • The state shall adapt public facilities and their surrounding environment to their special needs and integrate persons with disabilities with other citizens in compliance with the principles of equality, justice and equal opportunities.

 The right to enjoy cultural rights:

For preserving Egyptian cultural heritage, protecting freedom of thought and creativity, and respecting cultural diversity that positively influence on the formation of society and its progress, the coalition calls for the following:


  • The State shall protect and preserve monuments and give due care to monumental sites. It shall also maintain and restore them; recover stolen antiquities; and organize and supervise excavation operations.
  • The State shall pay special attention to protecting components of cultural pluralism in Egypt. It shall also preserve and maintain civilization and cultural heritage whether physical or moral, including all diversities and principal milestones – namely Ancient Egyptian, Coptic, and Islamic as well as the contemporary cultural wealth, whether architectural, literary or artistic with all diversities.
  • The state shall promote citizenship, a culture of tolerance, non-violence, respect and acceptance of others through religious and educational institutions.

Third: Dissemination of the culture of human rights:

Dissemination of the culture of human rights in Egypt requires new and innovative mechanisms to achieve the desired outcome. This can be achieved through artistic and cultural activities in order to teach all citizens the principles and values of human rights.The state institutions shall contribute to the implementation of national strategy for spreading a culture of human rights, respect for pluralism and cultural differences, accepting other people’s views and resolving conflicts peacefully.

The coalition calls for the following:


  • To create new and innovative mechanisms that target children and ordinary citizens to raise their awareness of human rights issues.
  • To teach human rights at all levels of education from fourth grade to university.
  • To preparea comprehensive program carried out in cooperation between National Council for Human Rights, Egyptian government and the civil society for raising awareness of the children in schools, youth centers and libraries. This shall be achieved by using interactive methods in addition to games and arts.


Fourth: Human rights treaties and international obligations:

The coalition calls for the following:


  • To allow special rapporteurs to conduct visits with the consent of the authorities
  • Concerned governments shall submit all overdue reports to committees that monitor implementation of the international human rights Conventions.
  • To consider acceding to the optional protocol to the international conventions.

4-      To join International and Regional Conventions those contribute to promotion and protection of human rights in Egypt.



This report resorted to the data on the central agency for public mobilization and Statistics and reports by concerned government agencies on their websites.

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