Women living with the dead in egypt

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Women in egypt living with the dead
“Women living with the dead”

“Women living with the dead” project of  and Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL)

initiative aims to work to provide legal protection for women live in cemeteries  and to enable them to obtain their legal rights, economic, political, and the project aims to: –

– Support for full participation of women living cemeteries and access to their social, economic and political within the community

– Promote the access of women live in cemeteries on their social, economic, political and cultural rights within the governorate of Greater Cairo.

Thus the project seeks, through the above goals to achieve a concrete result and work to monitor the status of women live in cemeteries in the selected areas in Cairo and determine the actual needs to strengthen and enhance their  chances to get their economic, social and political through the link between  concerning bodies and among women and girls living  in cemeteries areas In addition to working on the preparation of a complete study about the reasons and justifications that made them to configure to life with the dead and the extent of the impact on their children in the future.

Association is currently working on the implementation of a number of training courses under the title “legal awareness and economic development of women live in cemeteries” and executed areas are Sayeda Asha, El-Basateen, and Dar el Salaam, performs a number of training courses have been implemented by  lawyers and jurists of recognized competence and excellence.
As well as you can communicate with us on aefl  page  on the social networking site Facebook  or through our website  www.aeflwomen.com

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