The right to peaceful assembly

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The right to peaceful assembly:

The main reasons behind the Egyptian revolution in 2011 are suppression of peaceful protests and preventing citizens from expressing their opposition. Protests against human rights violations have continued after the ouster of former president and during the rule of the Military Council. They increased in both number and intensity during the Islamist president Mohamed Morsi’s reign; especially after issuing the tyrannical constitutional declaration on 22 Nov. 2012. So Egyptians revolt against a president who just represents his partisan supporters not the whole country. On 30/6/2013 Egyptians revolted against tyranny, bad governance, trading of religion and the risk of losing their national identity.


On the other hand, on November 24, 2013, temporary President Adly Mansour, approved Law 107/2013, known as the “anti-protest legislation” .The law aimed at regulating peaceful protests and public meetings without consulting the national Council for Human Rights. This new law violates the constitutional principles which guarantee freedom of peaceful assembly in 2012 and 2014 constitutions. Also applying this law revealed that the police indiscriminately arrest protesters, regardless of their political affiliation because they do not receive permission from Ministry of the Interior.

Due to the above, the coalition calls for:

–          Amending the new law issued in November 2013 which organizes demonstrations and public meetings to be consistent with 2014 constitution and with the international human rights norms and standards.

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