The right to practice political rights and to monitor elections

admen     16 Nov,2015        
  1. The right to practice political rights and to monitor elections:

Egyptians have made two of the greatest revolutions on 25 January and 30 June, which aimed at attaining freedom, human dignity, and social justice for all Egyptians, independence of the national will and rejection of trading on religion. However; goals of the two revolutions will not be achieved unless Egyptians are able to stand up and participate in the public life to emphasize that people are the source of powers. So, activating citizenspolitical participation by conducting free and fair elections is a necessary requirement for international conventions and constitutional principles.

In view of the above, the coalition calls for the following:

1-      The state shall pass a law for establishing the Independent Election Commission according to 2014 constitution and forming its institutional structure.

2-      The state shall implement effective complaints mechanisms for responding to CSOs’ complaints while monitor elections.

3-      The State shall review and purify the voter rolls on a regular basis and allow citizens to vote online.

4-      The state shall be obliged to raise voters’ awareness of their social and political rights.

5-      The state shall take necessary procedures that enable persons with disabilities to participate and vote in the election.


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