Women Leaders Getting Ready for Running for Local Elections

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Press Release

Women Leaders Getting Ready for Running for Local Elections

Enhancing Political Participation for Women Project – Awareness

In Cooperation with UN Women/ Fund for Gender Equality 

AEFL ended the first stage of the program of building skill and technical capacities for women leaders in Cair, Giza, Al Dahaqliya and Alexandria in regard to running electoral campaigns. 48 young women leaders participated in the first and second training programs. The training program was four-day. The programs tackled:

  • Legislative development of local councils.
  • Analyzing constituencies.
  • Skills of running electoral campaigns.
  1. Campaign staff.
  2. Distributing roles.
  3. Rules of dealing with voters.
  4. Running electoral campaign.
  5. Voting day.
  • Promotion ways (traditional ways of promotion – modern promotion ways).
  • Financial management of the electoral campaign.
  • Media communication.


These programs came in the context of the activities of the project “Enhancing Political Participation of Women” implemented by the association in cooperation with UN Women. The training programs aim at building and enhancing the skills and capacities of young women leaders in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Al Dahaqliya, Minia, Bani Souif, Qina and Aswan to rehabilitate and enable them to play their political roles.

For further information about the project please visit: http://www.aeflwomen.com/en/enhancing-womens-political-participation/


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