Past Performance Summary

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Past Performance Summary

Program  Name / Award Number
Program Location
Program Timeframe
Program Budget
Funding Source /
phone, e-mail)
Preparing female leaders for parliamentary elections 2010.
AEFL aimed through executing this project to activate
the role of women in political life,
in the decision-making process and creating a cadre of women able to
manage electoral campaigns . The project aimed to achieve its goals through
establish women’s political support unit which aim to provide  different kinds of trainings for female
candidates on topics like political participation, human and women rights,
leadership and communication skills, networking, becoming a candidate and
managing electoral campaigns.
The Danish-
Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI)
Mona Hassan 


Telephone: 2
02 27 35 16 21
Together  against sexual
The association aimed
through executing this project to monitor the number of women and girls subjected to sexual harassment
at El Matria & Ain Shams zones , through Conducting preliminary research
on the phenomenon of harassment of working women in the slum areas and
presented it to the stakeholders and society and implement number of seminars
and awareness workshops to working women , businessman and workshop owners.
Mama Cash
Alejandra Sarda-Chandiramani
Telephone: + 31 (0) 20 689 36 52 / F: +31
(0) 20 683 46 47
“Supporting and motivating the performance of female members of
local councils in decision making
The Association aimed at reinforcing gender equity and women’s empowerment.  The first objective was capacity building
for 120 female members of local councils in the governorates of Giza, Beni
Sweef, Wadi El Gedid and Aswan.  In
pursuit of this objective AEFL conducted training sessions to hone the
council members’ leadership and political skills.  The second objective was assistance to the
council members in their work, through a combination of activities similar to
consulting and mentoring, accompanied by a continuous series of evaluation
Wassila Mellouli
Women’s Role within Local Bar Associations in Upper Egypt
Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL) trained a cadre of 25 women
lawyers within local bar associations in the Giza, Bani Souef, Minya, and
Qena governorates, who subsequently trained an additional 100 female lawyers
in each target governorate. Trainees will form a network to provide continued
support to women lawyers seeking leadership positions within the bar
Endowment for Democracy ( NED)
Hamidaa Shadi
Enhancing & Empowering Egyptian Woman to Participate in Civil
The association seeks through executing this project to
execute activities calling for equal gender opportunities and minimizing
obstacles which face women in obtaining their social, political, economic and cultural rights, enabling
women and increasing the awareness of societies selected and their civil
institutions of women rights and granting women access to obtain their
Global Fund for
Women (GFW)
Zina Zaater
Telephone: (415)2484800
Locating seats for female lawyers inside lawyers syndicate
( Quota of female lawyers)
Egyptian Female
Lawyers Association adopted the project of “Locating seats for female
lawyers inside lawyers’ syndicate, which is legal initiative for a period of
12 month to promote opportunities of participating of syndicated women with
decision and policies processes inside the syndicate. Project generally aims
to provide the opportunities for participation of women with locating seats
for them inside lawyers syndicate to foster their opportunities for reaching
to mechanisms of making policies within formal and voluntary institutions.
Project focuses in particular on lawyers syndicate which witness remarkable
recession in representing women in board of directors of syndicate even in
public and sub- syndicate
Endowment for Democracy ( NED)
Hamidaa Shadi
Arabian Workshop  ”
Exchange of Dialogue between female leaders in Arab World And Participation
Of Danish Youth “
Summary of workshop :
Activating the language of dialogue between
Danish youth and female leaders in Arab World.
Identifying the political status of women in
proposed Arab countries.
Creating the interdependence between Arab
parliaments and Egyptian one.
Participating of Egyptian and Danish media
with the workshop.
Develop project features of the Arabian women
status in parliaments.
Exchange the
experiences between female Arabian leaders
The Danish-
Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI)
Mona Hassan 
Telephone: 2 02 27 35 16 21

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