Enhancing Women’s Political Participation

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Enhancing Women’s Political Participation


Programme Summary  :-


Women’s political empowerment is a cornerstone for Egypt through the transitional and post transitional phases of the 2011 revolution. Over a period of 24 months, AEFL aims to implement a project “Enhancing Women’s Political Participation in Egypt. The project provides a mechanism to advance women’s rights, build their capacity, equip and enable them to engage effectively in the political life by addressing the structural, institutional, social and cultural barriers that hinders women from attaining their legal and civil rights to engage freely in political life. The project will also work with political parties, Community Development Associations (CDAs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and youth at 4 universities to assist them reposition as models in gender-balanced policies, reshaping their structures and be advocates of women’s rights to achieve a more inclusive political environment.


The project will focus on capacity building, training, and advocacy along sensitization sessions for citizens in 8 governorates; Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Daqhlleya, BeniSuef, El Minya, Aswan and Qena. The project also aims to mobilize collective efforts that encourage women from target areas to participate in the political processes, hence, the project will collaborate with 8 local CDAs to help advance its programmatic actions in terms of onward strategies to achieve sustainability

Programme Results:-

  1. Improved level of awareness about political, legal, and social rights in rural and urban areas in 8 governorates in Upper and Lower Egypt
  2. Improved skills and abilities of young female leaders in 8 governorates in Upper and Lower Egypt

4 Strengthened gender sensitive platforms to support  women active political  participation and decision making processes in 8 governorates of Upper and Lower Egypt Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL)



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