The right to a fair trial and rights of prisoners and detainees

admen     16 Nov,2015        

The right to a fair trial and rights of prisoners and detainees:

Complaints about the violation of the right to fair trial continue despite its importance to human rights. The most common examples of these violations are refereeing more than 12,000 civilians to military tribunals, expansion of the Public Prosecution in keeping the accused in custody in addition to increasing in the rates of random arrest.

In light of the above, the coalition calls for the following:

1-      The state shall amend legislations for guaranteeing a fair trial.

2-      The state shall activate compassionate release system.

3-      The state shall reconsider the status of some young detainees who are randomly arrested during protests and release them.

4-      The state shall review the presidential decree of law No. 83/2013 that amends some provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law promulgated by Law No. 150/1950 regarding remand and custody. The new law overruled the maximum term of detention.

  • The state shall amend Law No. 94 (2003) regarding the Egyptian National Council of Human Rights to allow human rights monitors to make unannounced visits to prisons and detention centers.


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