Manage electoral campaign Political parties for women

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Press Release
                  Manage electoral campaign Political parties for women

Implement the Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL)

A in cooperation with the International Republican Institute IRI series of training courses on the management of electoral campaigns, In an initiative designed to work on the creation of cadres of youth able to run the election campaigns of new candidates in the electoral process and political crisis in Egyptian society in the current period and in preparation for the parliamentary elections to be held during the month of September and in preparation for the presidential election and training courses designed to: –
– Encouraging young people to participate in the electoral process.
– Create a cadre of youth are able to interact and participate in the process of change positively.
– Addresses the training courses held by the Association following topics:
– The nature of the campaign and the concept of management
– Formative stages of the campaign
– Specifications for the campaign team and skills that must be met
– The electoral campaign and means of electioneering and the factors influencing the success of it.
– Means of communication and mobilization of direct and indirect voters
– Use the media to hone the center of gravity to the candidate
– The stage of voting and the electoral performance evaluation of the candidate in the election after
– Distribution of financial allocations for the electoral campaign by the development stages
– The financial criteria for the electoral campaign and financial management of the implementation.

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