Egyptian woman between two revolutions

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Egyptian woman between two revolutions


Woman’s participation in political life Will remain is a major problem has no solution, either with the decision-maker or to civil society, or even woman herself.

We know the problem, its causes and perhaps the treatment‘methods, but we do not know the reason why woman’s participation in political life remains intractable crisis to solute it.

No one deny that the woman is partner in human life, she has main role  in the revolutions of January and June,  and her role in the referendum and the presidential election, not only that, but also throughout the ages …. she was and still is a partner in the human and political life

The balanced and equitable representation in the political life is a moral demand, it is based upon the theory of democracy, and not just a means to achieve a temporary political or partisan goal. Thus, the equality between man and woman in public positions serve as the implied implementation of equality among citizens. What makes lack of respect these rights some sort of violation of the constitutional foundations of the democratic system.

The deprivation of any social class from balanced participation opportunity in the development process (political sense, who bears burdens and get returns from economic activity?) Because of the quality characteristics (gender, religion, or color ..) it threatens the fairness of the development strategy and deprives society from important elements, and makes category subsidiary to another.



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