Combating human trafficking in cooperation with the EU

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implementing training courses Report

“Capacity building of lawyers to support victims of human trafficking”

In a project of

Combating human trafficking in cooperation with the EU.”

During the period from 27 to January 29, 2015. Safer Hotel – Dokki

Association of Egyptian female lawyers – under the chairmanship M.S. Rabha Fathi -hold training course for 20 lawyers and female lawyers under the title ” Capacity building of lawyers to support victims of human trafficking ” in a project “Combating Human Trafficking ” in cooperation with the EU.

The training argued a number of issues related to” Combating Human Trafficking in several aspects:

The first aspect: the definition of human trafficking‘s concept.

The second aspect: the causes of the phenomenon of human trafficking.

The third aspect: the international protocol to combat human trafficking: the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children, supplementing the United Nation convention to against transnational organized crime for the year 2002.

The fourth aspect : Egyptian law on combating human trafficking: Egypt has issued Law No. 64 of 2010 on combating human trafficking.

The fifth aspect: a workshop for lawyers and female lawyers to discuss issues dealing with images of human trafficking.

A number of experts speak in training course:

  1. Mohamed Adel – Researcher in democracy and human rights affairs- spoke about,

1- Causes of concern for the fight against human trafficking in Egypt.

  • Advantages of the Egyptian law on combating human trafficking No.64 for the year 2010.

M.S Ghada Hamam- expert in Gender and Development– spoke about,

  1. Controversy over the definition of human trafficking.
  2. Talking about the most popular types of trafficking in Egypt and the Arab countries include (labor, sale of organs, sex, and children).
  3. trafficking operations divide into 3 sections 1. Components of crime 2- means of crime 3- purpose.
  4. the root causes of human trafficking in Egypt and how the trafficking of children?
  5. How to combat human trafficking in Egypt.
  6. talking about the annual report issued by the US State Department on the situation of human trafficking for 70 countries, including Egypt.


– Form a network of activists, civil society and media to develop an action plan for how to combat human trafficking.

– Need to establish a Commission to combat human trafficking, such as Anti-Corruption Commission.

– Continuous capacity building in the field of combating human trafficking.

– Raise public awareness about the danger of human trafficking and its negative effects on society.

– Strengthening the capacity of governments to combat trafficking

-Support research efforts and studies to know the evolution of the phenomenon and control it.

– Resolving the issue needs to put proposed work map to begin: include

  1. Bodies help to reintegrate the victims in their community.
  2. Bodies to restore victims to their home countries.
  3. Bodies Provide psychological and legal assistance.
  4. Active Bodies know the identity of the victims.

These bodies include (Ministry of Foreign Affairs – the immigration authorities – nongovernmental organizations – the police – media- Embassies)

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