Arab Republic of Egypt Draft Constitution 2013 pdf

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Arab Republic of Egypt Draft Constitution 2013


In the Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Egypt Is the Nile gift to the Egyptians


The Egyptian’s gift to Humanity

Egypt, the Arab state, with a unique history and location in the heart of the whole world, is the meeting point of the world’s civilizations and cultures, and crossroads of its maritime transportation and communications; it is tip of Africa that overlooks the Mediterranean and mouth of its greatest river: the Nile.

That is Egypt; an eternal homeland to the Egyptians, and a message of peace and love to the world peoples.

At the outset of history, the dawn of human conscience cropped up and shone forth in the hearts of our glorious ancestors whose good will banded together to build the first ever central state that controlled and regulated the Egyptians’ life on the Nile Banks. Our ancestors’ hearts looked up for Heavens ever before any of the three revealed religions was sent down to earth.



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