The right to freedom of opinion, expression, and information

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The right to freedom of opinionexpression, and information 

In all Communities, revolutions break out due to unfair practices, muzzling the citizens and worsening living conditions. Through the Egyptian revolution of 2011, Egyptians emphasized their right to freedom of opinion, expression and access to information. Since the 25th January revolution, practices of the Egyptian government proved continuation of violations to the right of freedom of expression. This can be seen through smear campaign against opponents, violation of the sanctity of life and trying to hold control over media such as the siege of the Egyptian Media Production City under the Muslim Brotherhood rule.

In light of the recent events, the coalition calls for the following:

1-      The state shall promote freedom of opinion and expression as secured right by laws and regulations that need to be reviewed to comply with the provisions of the new Constitution.

2-      The state shall activate media code of ethics that guarantees that the information received is fair, accurate, and checked and respects fundamental freedoms of individuals or groups.

3-      The state shall Issue a new legislation for internet crimes. Also it shall issue a freedom of information law to prevent the exploitation of the first law for arresting social media activists or for preventing the ability of information on the internet.

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